How to go to Seoul from Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek?

You can take the bus to get either Jije or Pyeongtaek station at the bus stop located in front of Camp Humphreys Walk-in gate by Gangnam animal hospital and GS25.
  • To go to Jije station: Bus number is 20-1
  • To go to Pyeongtaek station: Bus number is 20
There are 3 ways to get to Seoul.
  1. M-BUS will take you straight to middle of GangNam area. It will take about an Hour depends on traffic. Here is the time table. The bus start 5:30AM from Jije station and last bus will be 23:05 PM. Coming back bus from Gangnam station will be 24:20 AM.
  1. SRT Train will take you SUSEO station which is connected to the yellow and orange line Seoul subway. It will take about 20 minutes from Jije station to the SUSEO station. Here is the weekend time table for SRT between Jije and Suseo. 1) From JiJe station to Suseo station. It starts from 7:09 AM to 22:44 PM.

          2) Suseo station to JiJe station. It starts from 6:00AM to 21:30PM.

※ The Schedule can be changed ( Update date : 20th Sep 2019)

  1. Train or Subway at Pyeongtaek Station
  • Subway is the most inexpensive way to get to seoul but it will take forever to get to Seoul.
  • It will take about an hour, you can get off
    1. Yeongdeungpo Station is line No.1 (Dark blue color line) and easy to go Hong-dae and Yeon-Nam dong area
    2. Yongsan Station is line No.1 (Dark blue color line) as well , Easy access to go Itaewon and Han-Nam dong area
    3. Seoul station is line No.1(Dark blue color line) and No.4(light blue color line) close by city hall and easy to go Jongno area.
      ※ Here is the Train time table (Start early morning 00:45 AM to 23:58PM during weekend, The train is operating every hour)
※ The subway will be come every 20 or 25min.
※ The Schedule can be changed (Update date : 20th Sep 2019)

There are many ways to get to Seoul. I hope that this information is helpful for those who want to explore Seoul! If you have any questions related with transportation, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and then you will get the response within a day. Thank you!

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